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Neverland (2011) Part Two HDTV 350MB

Info: IMDB
Neverland, a prequel to the classic JM Barrie, author, Peter Pan, sweep time of the turbulent seas of Pirates of the Caribbean and the alleyways of Dickensian London to a world of pure imagination. Continue reading

Earth’s Final Hours (2011) BluRay 720p 600MB

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After dense matter from an imploded white hole hits Earth, the planet’s rotation is devastated. A group of government agents must locate a lost satellite network that is the world’s only hope for survival. Continue reading

The Last Harbor (2011) LiMiTED DVDRip 350MB

Info: IMDB
The Last Harbor tells the story of a policeman who is sent to a sleepy American seaside town to solve a murder and discovers much about himself in the process Continue reading

Man on the Train (2011) DVDScr 400MB

Info: IMDB
A wheel mysterious criminal in a small town planning to release the local bank, assuming that goes off without a hitch. But when he meets a retired professor of poetry, his plans take a turn unlikely. Continue reading

The Muppets (2011) CAM 400MB

Info: IMDB Ratings: 8.2/10 from 6,188 users
When three muppet fans know that Tex Richman wants to drill in the puppet theater for oil Gary, Mary and Walter set out to find the muppets that have been split for years Kermit lives in his own mansion in Hollywood depressed, Continue reading

Answers to Nothing (2011) DVDScr 500MB

Info: IMDB
Intertwined stories exploring the bad in the best of us and good in the worst of us. In the context of a case of kidnapping of children who are five days in the life of an unmarried woman detective handling the case, Continue reading

Another Happy Day (2011) DVDScr 500MB

Info: IMDB
A weekend of family is full of mines mercurial emotional and sensitive Lynn (Barkin) while you get to the farm from their parents to Annapolis the marriage of his eldest son of former Dylan (Michael Nardelli), Continue reading

Apollo 18 (2011) BluRay 1080p

Info: IMDB
Decades of found footage leaving NASA, the Apollo 18 mission, in which two American astronauts were sent on a secret expedition, reveals the reason for the U.S. has never returned to the moon. Continue reading

Dolphin Tale (2011) DVDRip 450MB

Info: IMDB
A lonely boy without friends and unravels is wounded dolphin is caught in a crab trap. It becomes very attached to dolphins when the tail must be removed to save the lives of dolphins. Continue reading

The Thing (2011) BluRay 1080p

Info: IMDB
In a research site in Antarctica, the discovery of an alien spacecraft leads to a confrontation between graduate student Kate Lloyd and scientist Dr. Sander Halvorson. Continue reading