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Peter Portrait Of A Killer (2011) DVDRip

A study for a portrait of a serial killer is a horror feature film contains actual archive that takes the audience on a unique journey into the mind of Peter Sutcliffe the Yorkshire Ripper. Continue reading

Trespass (2011) VODRip

In private, the rich set the priority to safety rather than the exception property of the Miller family. Behind the walls of pristine and manicured gardens, Kyle (Nicolas Cage), fast-talking businessman, gave a magnificent home of restructuring his wife Sarah (Nicole Kidman). Continue reading

Triple Tap (2010) BluRay

Champion competitive shooter Ken falls on a armored car robbery. He sees a policeman hostage and shot and killed four thieves. One of the thieves and escapes police survives. The case is handled by Jerry Chang, Ken is known to have recently beaten in a match of shooting. Continue reading

Colombiana KORSUB HDRip 720p

A young woman grows up to icy murderess After seeing the murder of his parents’ as a child in Bogota. He works with his uncle during the day as the Hitman, but his personal time necessary to prosecute vigilante killings, which he hopes will lead him to his ultimate goal – a gangster responsible for the deaths of their parents. Continue reading

Faces in the Crowd BluRay 720p

A serial murderer terrorizing the city. An innocent bystander (Milla) witnesses his last attack, but while fleeing, fell off a bridge and falls. When he awakens in the hospital, she can not recognize family, boyfriend, or even your own face in the mirror. Continue reading