Jersey Shore Massacre BRRip BluRay 720p

Jersey Shore Massacre BRRip BluRay 720p

Info: IMDB
Genre: Comedy | Horror
Stars: Danielle Dallacco, Angelica Boccella, Giovanni Roselli
Quality: 720p
Source: BluRay 720p

Jersey Shore Massacre BRRip BluRay 720p – When Teresa and the girls leave their suburban New Jersey salon for a weekend of sun and sin down the shore, they are blindsided by a bizarre twist of events that catapult them from the sands of Seaside Heights to a secluded house deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Frightened by stories of the legendary Jersey Devil, the local population of Pineys and a giant dim-witted neighbor, the girls eagerly return to Seaside Heights where they hook-up with five fist-pumping delinquents who incessantly disrespect all with their reprehensible behavior. As day turns to night, the group converges at a Seaside bar where they are soon ejected for inciting a dance-floor brawl. With nowhere else to go, the group retreats to the house in the Pine Barrens for a night of carnal delights. Blinded by their selfish pursuits, the group remains unaware that their long outstanding debt to humanity is about to be settled – with their lives. One by one, the body count soars as retribution is exacted at the …

Jersey Shore Massacre BRRip BluRay 720p


Subtitle English,Indonesia

Size: 600 MB

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