Assassins Code (2011) DVDRip

A hero with a dark past … A merciless rival … A doomsday weapon … When a corporate killing military forces disbanded a platoon converge on a U.S. city, the spies of three nations ruthless struggle to recover a computer disk containing hi-tech schemes for a missile powerful. To hide from his past sins, as a murderer from the government, former agent Paul Thorn retired to a quiet life anonymous. When a member died of a secret plan provides lethal technology takes a long list of people on both sides of the struggle of the law to gain control and spine back into the mortal world of international espionage, which is forced North Korean agent Kim fight Karl, a long-term enemy, whose sense of honor and revenge in the shadow of its obligation to obtain the disk. The increase of the snake is a fast action thriller pace where nothing is as it seems, betrayal is the norm, and lives are expendable.


Size: 350 MB (mkv) And 1.4 GB (avi)

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